Hi, I'm Yuxine

Call me "Jin" (近) or "Yuxine" (雨欣)
Any pronouns / San Francisco, CA / Self-taught Hobbyist / LGBTQ+ / Asexual / Taiwanese American / 中文OK / FUB FREE
Thank you for your support!
I do not respond to any personal messages, please only contact me via email for store / commission-related inquiries.I will not respond to personal messages at all.DRAWING DEVICES:
iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
Clip Studio Paint
Lining with "Light Pencil" (CSP)
All coloring done with "Cream brush" and "G-Pen"

你好,謝謝你的關注, 我叫"近". 我喜歡畫畫。中文OK。☒ ✖ I do not allow my work to be reposted under any circumstances (no RP use, no reupload on any platform). If you see my art uploaded elsewhere, please report it. ✖ ☒
OK: Use as header / icon / background with credit.
你可以用我的藝術品当作你的圖標, 旗幟, 背景.
Commissioned pieces only allowed to be used by commissioner.
I encourage you to feel free to FUB, if you feel uncomfortable with me please MUTE/BLOCK/UNFOLLOW freely. Do not message me or comment anything for any reason - just block me.
如果你觉得不舒服, 请阻止/取消关注/静音我.
Please do not send me personal DM's / emails as I will not respond. Repeated personal DM's and emails will result in a permanent block.
Thank you.


I'm a hobbyist fan-artist who also happens to like your favorite video games and anime.◈ Genshin Impact / PMMM / DDLC / FE3H / P5 / NieR
◈ Avid Cat Fanatic
◈ Video game & anime figurine enthusiast
◈ also really into Charlie Puth for some reason
Favorite characters:
Sumire Yoshizawa, Akechi Goro, Monika (DDLC), Edelgard (FE3H), Zhongli / Venti / NingGuang / Ayaka / Ei (Genshin), Yagami Light (Death Note), 9S (Nier), Kaname Madoka (PMMM) and more!


Most active on Twitter @_Yuxine
Instagram: Yuuxine
Contact me on Discord: Yuxine#8707
I never stream: twitch.tv/Yuxine
Email me: [email protected]
Shop: yuxine.bigcartel.com
Please only email/DM for business related inquiries.
I am unable to respond to any personal DM's/emails.
Sending repeated personal messages will result in a block across all platforms.
Thank you!